If you’re looking the best wood router, or just want to get into more advanced work a best wood router is absolutely essential. As many carpenters and cabinet-makers can tell you, a best wood router is one of the most versatile tools to add to your collection.
There’s a large amount of different brands and types of wood router available, so we’ve reviewed some and included a guide for you to get started on making an informed choice. With the aid of these wood router reviews, you’ll be able to pick the best wood router to meet your personal needs.

Best wood router – Woodworking router for beginner

1. DEWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router Combo Kit

In the woodworking world, the usefulness of a tool is another factor to look out for when buying any woodworking tools. The forecast 1.25 HP, Dewalt DWP611PK router is one of the best wood router is top at the time of this study. With the ergonomic features, a splendid design, easy control and peak performance, this is a router that’s worth every penny.
This is an amazing wood router that is interchangeable which means you can use it as a plunge or a fixed wood router, whatever you prefer. It’s very light and it weighs only 10.3 pounds which means it’s very easy to carry and manage it. It is definitely the best router for light work and for beginners. Many people like it because of it’s usability.

The Main Benefits:

  • Has both fixed and plunge base giving the user more flexibility.
  • Speed ​​dial from 16000 to 27000 rev / min helps users manage tools and tasks better.
  • Soft start feature helps minimize torque on this router.
  • Comes with ¼ inch callet ideal for small tasks, especially for the woodworker who needs a back-up router.
  • With the D-shape fixed base it offers more stability and increases visibility.
The Key Pros:
  • Operates quietly.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Features plunge and fixed base in combo kit.
  • Additional accessories for the expanded performance and flexibility.
  • It’s powerful with the ability to handle soft and hard wood.
  • Has a variable speed.
The Key Cons
  • Compatible with ¼ inch collet only which is somehow limiting.
  • It is not cordless. Its 8 foot 18 gauge cord gives the user sufficient length for any job site or workshop project.
  • Its standard base is not compatible with bushings.

2. Bosch 1617EVSPK 12 Amp 2-1/4-Horsepower Plunge and Fixed Base Variable Speed Router Kit

In research on the most effective wood routers on the market, I have reviewed the Bosch 1617EVSPK router is one of the top selling routers on the market at this point. Technically, this router has the ability to route the midrange routers but are capable of handling the load of work of any wood worker.
Just as the Dewalt mentioned above, the Bosch1617EVSPK can also be used as a fixed base or a plunge base. It is an interchangeable wood router. It’s one of the best out there. It has horse power of 2.25 which is pretty strong for a wood router. The beauty of this wood router is that it does not vibrate like the others. It has poor handle quality and seems to be very tight if it’s not warmed up. The Bosch1617EVSPK requires frequent cleaning.
This router is equipped with aluminium casing and it has a 2.25 HP motor provides power from 8000 to 25000 RPM. It is a router that will meet the needs of intermediaries to enhance worker crusting. You can use ¼ ½ inch collets and both with this router and it is definitely worth your money.

The main Benefits

  • It has a variable speed dial and hence will handle most tasks.
  • Has both plunge and fixed bases for more versatility.
  • Compatible with both ¼ and ½ inch collets hence versatile.
  • You can adjust the depth possible to adjust the depth of cut increases micro precision and accuracy.
The Key Pros
  • It has an auto-release collet chuck.
  • Has contoured soft grip handles for more control and comfort.
  • It is double insulated for enhanced safety.
  • Compatible with template guide adapter.
  • Motor alignment arrows are available.
  • Supports both ¼ and ½ inch collets for larger bits.
The Key Cons
  • Require wrenches to change bits/collets which are hard to find.
  • Bushings tend to get clogged with sawdust when using on router table.
  • It is difficult to change bases.
  • Does not come with Adapter for Template Guide which is hard to find.

3. DEWALT DW618PK 12-AMP 2-1/4 HP Router Kit

This medium range router is a router base and fixed with the speed of change. It represents a combination of power and convenience makes it a favorite combination router kits in the market today. This router has all the desirable features of a router and is ideal for beginners, intermediate and professional wood crafter. This router can be installed on a routing table for more comfort when handling heavy applications. Moreover, it comes with a price tag that is worth of it.

The main Benefits

  • Has a dust sealed switch that protects the tool from dust hence will last longer.
  • Comes with heavy duty materials that enhance durability.
  • Powerful 2.25 HP motor/12 Amp provides 8000 to 24000 RPM is ideal for different job applications.
  • Comes with a micro-fine depth adjustment for precise and accurate cuts.
  • Has a spindle lock button that facilitates single wrench changes.
  • Comes with a large hole sub-base which is more stable.
  • With the quick release motor it is quick and easy to change bits.
The Key Pros
  • Adjust the depth quickly and easily without any additional tools.
  • With powerful engines and fast variable speed to perform different activities.
  • Has a dust collection that ensures a clean tool and working area.
  • With extra base D-Handle, users enjoy the control and great comfort.
  • Comes with a durable housing and hence lasts for longer.
  • Based side clear Lexan for maximum clarity when routing.
The Key Cons
  • It is difficult to follow the manual that comes with the tool.
  • Base tends to vibrate when the Plunge Lock Lever is locked when using the plunge base.
  • It’s more expensive because the user must buy the guide edge separately.

4. DEWALT DWP611 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router

Is a compact high-speed router change torque 1.25 HP, DEWALT DWP611 is designed with the ability to handle complex routing applications such as design of heavy pruning, cut small sections and many other things. It is appreciated and with its LEDS feature, users can get the maximum visibility of the working area. It also has additional features that make it very easy to handle and operate.

If you are the carpentry, the people who want to do projects such as modeling, do stairs, glass-fiber design, plastic design, remodeling the kitchen, or carpentry, this router is a sure thing to have for you.

The main Benefits

  • Features variable speed control speed bits to suit different applications.
  • With LED lights and backgrounds, there is a visible maximum area to work.
  • Comes with an excellent adjustment ring for maximum control.
  • Features its soft launch in helping to maintain engine speed during cutting applications.
  • 1.25 Hp motor provides enough power for the hardest applications in wood working projects.
  • Easily adjustable and the height and change the bits.
The Key Pros
  • Round adjusted Router for precise cutting depth.
  • Motor location is maintained through all woodworking applications.
  • Has a variable speed control feature ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • It powerful enough for the toughest applications courtesy of its 1-1/4 peak HP motor.
  • Gives maximum visibility of the working area with its LED and clear sub-base.
  • With soft-start feature the tool does not jump off when starting.
The Key Cons
  • It is highly priced when compared to other routers.
  • Lacks a Dewalt hard case.
  • The motor has to be removed when changing the bits.
  • Not everyone will like the base width.

5. PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router

Unlike the DEWALT DWP611PK and the Bosch1617EVSPK the PORTER-CABLE 690LR isn’t interchangeable. It works only as a fixed base. It has a Lever Release quick adjustment feature hence the LR in the name. It has incredible durability and it will serve you well that’s for sure. People that have reviewed this wood router say that it’s one of the best out there and it’s very easy to manage. There are few cons with this wood router however. The case is poorly made and it looks very cheap and small. It doesn’t have a soft start feature and changing the bits can be very annoying.
Designed to cut exactly and precisely, the Porter-Cable 690LR provides 27,500 rpm speed incredible thanks to its 1-3/4 HP engine. Amazing and powerful tool that is compatible with both ¼ and ½ inch collets makes it one of the most convenient tool to have in your workshop. Moreover, it has a ergonomic design, easy removal of the bit, and stop under the table makes one of the easiest to use and works in your workshop.

The main Benefits

  • It comes with a powerful engine with 1-3/4 peak HP so it can handle most of the tasks.
  • You can use the ½ ¼ inch collets and both are automatically released.
  • With cam lock feature you can easily liberate the engine and easy rough height adjustment.
  • It offers incredible 27,500 rpm from a single engine makes it the most powerful router.
  • Comes with a micro depth adjustment system that delivers micro-fine adjustments for up to 1/128.
The Key Pros
  • The auto release collet system makes bit changing easy.
  • It is compatible with other routers since its fixed base.
  • Easy to use and operate as it has handles.
  • Long-lasting since it is made of aluminium housing.
  • Power adapter and bearings is debris and dust-proof because they are sealed.
  • Speed single consistent power supply is 27500 rev / min and thus bring consistent performance.
The Key Cons
  • It is not portable since it is a fixed base router.
  • Power switch is located inappropriately.
  • Does no come with a case hence it’s a challenge to store some of the other router components.
  • It is a small router hence can’t handle some rails and stile bits.

6. Bosch 1617EVS 2-1/4 HP Variable-Speed Router

Bosch 1617EVS router popular with furniture maker because it has more features. This is a medium-range routers but is built to manage download tasks that any furniture would also throw into it. The long list of Bosch’s facilities began with aluminum casing, the ability to use both ¼ and ½ size, plus it was designed to be mounted on several different routing table. The engine runs with the Bosch 1617EVS 2.25 motors have soft start and a variable speed is controlled electronically to adjust the speed round between 8.00 and 25.000 with six different speed settings. Bosch has created this router with the intermediate to advanced ideas for the carpentry.

The main Benefits

  • Comes with a solid fixed base that can be used in a router table and freehand as well.
  • Well-angled handles in plunge base for maximum control and comfort.
  • Its 2-1/4 Horsepower can handle most router table tasks. Generates power of 8000 to 25000 RPM.
  • Has an electronic variable speed that starts the motor gradually. It also keeps speed on check especially when the tool is loaded.
  • Uses both ¼ and ½ inch collets giving it great versatility.


  • Has both plunge and fixed base for more flexibility.
  • Excellent routing power courtesy of its 2.25 horsepower motor that generates 8000 to 25000 RPM.
  • You can use both ¼ and ½ inch collets.
  • Ideal for wide variety of tasks since it has a variable speed feature.
  • Both plunge and fixed base have excellent depth adjustments.
  • Comes with storage compartment.

The Key Cons

  • You need two wrenches for bit changes.
  • To use third party collars you require a special adapter.
  • Not ideal for the beginner wood crafter.

7. Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip 5.6 Amp 1-HP

The Bosch PR20EVSK is a very versatile tool, it can be used to combine, cut to the slot, trank deck deck hinges, hinges, and other woodworking tasks.
The Bosch PR20EVSK is quite a small compact router, so very easy to handle. Small size should not reduce the power and capabilities of this tool, although it really pack a punch. The power behind this tool will allow you to effectively cut through the many different applications without any problem.

Key Features

Router speed
This PR20EVSK router allows you to select the speed from 16,000 to 35,000 rpm.
Similar to other modern routers, the router also comes with with speed control dial 6 numbers.
There are many useful features that you can get with the Bosch PR20EVSK. One of the main features is the rubber handles lets you handle this machine comfortable and slip. Rubber knobs is also beneficial for increasing control and reduce fatigue when using this machine for a great project
Small change always become a difficult task for most users but Bosch router has made the process easier. This router allows you to change the bit by two key or a key and lock the shaft. Regardless of your experience in handling the routing tool, it is important to read the manual first. The manual provides all the steps to change the bits correctly and easily.
Weight about 3 pounds, the Bosch PR20EVSK router comes with a fixed aluminum Empire proved to be reliable and durable for wood processing. The repair facility can accommodate 1-5/16 “diameter bits. This machine also has a guide fence the entire metal to easily follow an outer edge of the table.

8. Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4-Horsepower

Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4-Horsepower Plunge Base Variable Speed Router is made by Hitachi, a company that is known for their high quality but affordable products that is known for their classic designs and innovative engineering. As expected from any tool manufactured by Hitachi, this router performs efficiently.


  • Has a motor with varied speed
  • Router is customized to meet user’s needs
  • Designed to ensure comfort and control of the user
  • Has straight guide
  • Has centering gauge
  • Has 2-1/4 horsepower
  • Dust guide that diverts debris
Pros and Cons

The Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4-Horsepower Plunge Base Variable Speed Router has varied speeds, depending on the needs of the user. There is a dial that can easily be turned to make adjustments. The soft start allows the user to make adjustments on his designs before the speed increases, which can result to additional costs. The machine’s functions can easily be customized to meet the needs of the user. The contraption is designed in such a way that the user can work with comfort and control. With this convenience, you will be able to create uniquely-designed panels, cabinets, headboards, chairs and tables that are uniquely different from others.

It has a mount that makes it stand stable as it is used. This device has a lot of applications and is not only limited to wood working and carpentry. One disadvantage of this machine is its size. It is huge and heavy. Another downside, getting the bits in and out of the collet but once it is snapped together it will perform as expected. Hopefully this will get easy through use and become easier.

Why Should I Buy It

Woodworkers and carpenters will find owning a Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4-Horsepower Plunge Base Variable Speed Router a great advantage and help in their work. With this device, they can easily make the designs that make their work unique and easier to sell.

9. Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router

Carpentry and woodwork require talent and skill. With a powerful and efficient machine you can produce the most attractively designed woodwork in no time whatsoever. Black & Decker RP250 10 Amp 2-1/4-Inch Variable Speed Plunge Router is a machine that a carpenter or a wood worker must own. For its precision and the enhanced visibility of the area where you are working you will make the most attractive and intricate designs, without messing up and making errors that could cost you money and your job. With this contraption, craftsmen are able to make a beautifully finished item.

One important feature of the machine is that you can do your work from the center. Hence, you can easily make designs not just for the edges but also on the inner portion of the wood you are working on.

Black & Decker RP250 10 Amp 2-1/4-Inch Variable Speed Plunge Router is made by Black & Decker, a company that is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools and machines for carpentry and woodwork. The company is also known for quality and high performing machines designed to make work faster, easier and more convenient.


  • Enables the user to work from the center of the material
  • Allows better vision of the area being worked on
  • Starts softly
  • Great power from 10 amp motor
  • 2 year warranty
  • Allows user to make cut outs
  • Maintains constant cutting speed on both hard and softwood
  • Has plastic window as protection against chips and debris
  • Has chute that can be attached to a vacuum to get rid of duct from the surface
  • Has an enlarged base to stabilize the router
  • Driven by 2 horsepower speed
  • Has push button spindle locks
  • Comes with adjustable parallel edge guide

Who Is It For

Black & Decker RP250 10 Amp 2-1/4-Inch Variable Speed Plunge Router is for people who engage in carpentry and woodworking as their trade. It can also be useful for amateurs who prefer to do remodeling, repairing and renovating parts of their house, including furniture such as table and chairs.

Pros and Cons

One advantage of using the Black & Decker RP250 10 Amp 2-1/4-Inch Variable Speed Plunge Router is that you can start from the center of the material that’s why you can make designs from the middle to the edges. The improved vision for the material being worked on allows you to make more intricate designs accurately. Debris and dust are dealt with using a plastic window and later on, a chute attached to a vacuum. Its soft start enables you to make adjustments for more accurate results.

The only setback is that the Black & Decker RP250 10 Amp 2-1/4-Inch Variable Speed Plunge Router itself is made of materials that may not be able to withstand the demands made on it.

10. DEWALT DW618B3 12 Amp 2-1/4 Horsepower Plunge Base and Fixed Base

This combiner kit is a high performance D-handle unique Empire. With this user handles have a great contact with work areas. The fact that it has both a decrease in the fixed basis and make it become more flexible and useful for users, you can process the different routing tasks without any problems.

In addition to the base D-handle, this router has 3 different establishments, a dust collection system, and a variable speed motor. It is definitely worth the investment.

The main Benefits

  • Has a variable speed range of 8000 to 24000 RPM and thus can handle various applications.
  • Comes with three bases: Fixed, plunge, and the D-handle base that offer great functionality.
  • Compatible with both ¼ and ½ inch collets for more flexibility.
  • Its dust collection system can collect up to 95% of the dust for a clean work area.
  • The switch is easy to operate with both hands because it has the right and the left cord set location.
  • Have a self released turbine system to ensure sustained bit and prevent any frozen bits.
The Key Pros
  • It has three bases that include fixed, plunge and D-handle base.
  • It comes with a variable speed motor.
  • Features a dust-collection system that can collect up to 95% of the dust.
  • Soft-start up feature reduces torque and enhances accuracy when routing.
  • Compatible to ½ and ¼ inch collets.
  • Comes with Lexan sub-base for maximum visibility.
  • Has an ergonomic design.
The Key Cons
  • 3 bases combination is a bit complex for beginners.
  • Use of wrenches to remove bits is a challenge to some users.
  • The fact that the user sees the coils and bushings when routing may be a distraction.
  • It is quite a challenge to make height adjustments.

Why should you buy a wood router?

A wood router has become the necessity of woodworker and professional craftsmen all over the world. Previously the wood router was used mostly manually, but as its use has increased, people start using it in an automatic form with the help of spindle motor. If a person is a serious woodworker or craftsmen of some kind, then having an excellent quality router is a necessity. All over the world, when a person starts to think to work as a woodworker, the first thing that comes in his mind is to buy a reliable and authentic router for him. This is because router has got in it a wide range of shapes, models and styles. Or maybe it is just a fact that it is a really ‘cool tool’. The router is nowadays the basic and foremost demand of most of the workers of today.

The following can be some more reasons that why one should buy a wood router:

  • A wood router minimizes the work to a greater level. The efficiency and accuracy of the work is increased four times.
  • It minimizes the spread of the waste pieces on the floor. The amount of the waste pieces causes the lost in the supplies. The use of the wood router brings precision to the work.
  • Cutting and managing the large pieces is quite a tough job for the people who use manual methods. The use of wood router makes such work easy and comfortable. CNC wood router is the machine of choice in this regard.
  • The wood routers which are controlled by computers can produce hundreds and thousands of wood pieces with finest results and 100% accuracy. Therefore, such wood routers are an excellent choice for companies that produce high quality of work in a short period of time.
  • The wood router is easy to operate if handled with care and accuracy.
  • The manual work is always dangerous for workers with regard to injury as well as the accuracy cannot be attained like the automatic machines, the wood router is a best option in this regard, it highly minimizes the risk factors among the workers.
  • There is an increase production capacity when using a wood router. The wood router increases the capacity of the work four times greater than with manual purposes.
  • If a person is willing to attain different designs with perfection, then the wood router is the best option as it can provide lot of designs and varieties to a work. For example if you are willing to get a shape of a circle or the interior of the wood has to be decorated, then the use of wood router will do the work more efficiently.
  • Different routers are suited for different tasks, and same is the case with the use of bits in the router.
  • The use of bits makes the router most attractive and effective. There are different types of bits that are used in the wood router to make it more effective.
  • The variety of the wood routers increases the efficiency of the work. For example, for large slots and cutting purposes, router table is preferred. For small cutting purposes, hand router is used. This variety of routers increases the variations in the work.
  • Most of the routers can be controlled in the way that their speed is in the hands of the workers. That speed can be controlled through speed control buttons that are present in many wood routers. Deeper cuts, hard woods and other hard surfaces require more horse powers and vice versa.
  • The presence of special features and the speed control option in the wood router makes it an effective and a reliable tool for workers. A metal motor router assures long lasting performance in case of heavy work.
    Routers with electronic motor feedback maintains a consistent speed, so as to avoid jerks and problems while heavy load.
  • The handles of the router are meant to maintain the control of the person holding it. The routers are manufactured in such a way so as to provide the level of comfort to the owner.
  • Another important feature of a wood router that makes it a must to buy for the buyers is the micro fine depth adjustment. Due to this feature, one can cut finest and accurate depths.
  • Different routers are present for different purposes. For example, there are plastic routers for cutting of plastic and wood routers for cutting and fixing the wood. The differentiation of this criterion makes it more specific and reliable.
  • The weight and size of the router varies with need. For high profile industries and heavy budget industries, large and heavy routers are preferable including CNC wood router that works automatically and with maximum efficiency.
  • The modern spindle routers are more accurate and with 100% efficiency.
  • There is a wide ranges and variety of the wood blades and cutters that are fixed with the routers and give variety of shapes and features to the work piece.
  • Another feature that makes the router more effective and good to buy is their reference by Jeremy Broun in his book ‘The Incredible Router’. He said in his book, “… you can use it in just about every aspect of a job but assembly…it will do almost any type of cutting of wood”.
  • The above mentioned points and arguments prove that it is always better to buy a wood router than to choose any other machine. It is a best and trustworthy machine to use for the purpose of cutting almost all types of wood and chipboard etc. the presence of different switches including the speed control has make it more easy for its users.
  • Once the craftsmen has mastered the techniques of designing the furniture then wood router is the best option for him to complete his task in less time and with perfection.

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